Microsoft said this week it sold more than 2 million units of its new Windows Phone 7 software to handset makers last quarter, as it looks to counter Apple’s iPhone and the rise of Google’s Android system.

The world’s largest software maker, which launched its new phone software in October, licenses the technology to handset makers such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and HTC.

Apple said last week 16.2 million iPhones were sold in the last quarter.

Microsoft is set to report quarterly earnings later this week.


Microsoft has come back from the dead in smartphones with a slick, fast new phone platform that will prove a worthy challenger to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platforms.

Analysts have said Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s last chance to grab a significant piece of the smartphone pie and, thankfully, it’s seized that chance with both hands. There are several glaring omissions, including browser support for online video formats, tethering, copy-paste, Mac support and proper multi-tasking, but many of these should be added in future updates.