Khan Consulting

Khan Consulting is a business, technology and digital media solutions consultancy based in Sydney, Australia.

Khan Consulting provides a number of services in the Telecommunications, Education, Government and Banking sectors as well as solutions in the media and entertainment sectors.

Khan Consulting has a strong interest in Digital solutions, film production, visual effects and animation, satellite and IPTV including content delivery and digital rights management.

Khan Consulting was founded on the principles of educating businesses on the value of utilising information and communications technology and assisting clients to design, build and implement solutions that deliver true value within their organisation.

We assist our clients in utilising information technology by understanding their needs and recommending solutions that build business value through cost-effectiveness.

With over 18 years of information technology experience, Khan Consulting’s professional team and associates have successfully implemented a diverse range of technology and media solutions. Our Technology Solution Management (TSM) services are the result of a unique blend of management consulting, technical expertise, and innovation.

It would be our pleasure to assist you.

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