TRIRIGA IWMS manages the entire asset lifecycle

TRIRIGA delivers the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise software and services solution to manage the entire lifecycle of all your property assets. From planning and design, to construction and commissioning, to operate and maintain, TRIRIGA software supports your staff to analyse and act to achieve your business objectives and to increase the financial return of your real estate assets.

TRIRIGA is Modular

TRIRIGA’s integrated application suites are able to be implemented as and when your business needs them. Implementation is tailored to meet the unique demands of your business. Data collected and managed in the system is progressively able to be accessed by all users as modules go live.

TRIRIGA is Scaleable

TRIRIGA runs on industry’s most powerful and scalable technology, the TRIRIGA Application Platform. This ensures that as your business grows TRIRIGA grows with you.

TRIRIGA is 100% Web-enabled

TRIRIGA allows your staff to access the full power of the TRIRIGA IWMS system through personalised portals from any internet enabled location. For your system administrators, system upgrades are able to be installed centrally without the need to upgrade each User’s desktop, saving you time and money.

TRIRIGA is Mobile

Extending access to your TRIRIGA system to the field, provides your staff with information when they need it. Items are able to be captured and actioned on the spot, minimising unproductive time spent travelling and decreasing the risk of errors as a result of poor data capture.

NOTE: We don’t sell Tririga and are not affiliated with Tririga. We do offer Project Management and services by Tririga Certified Professionals. We can connect you with our professional partners who can evaluate and advise on your licensing needs.

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