Its very interesting how catch up TV properties are viewed (or not viewed) in Australia.

If a program is to be aired on the ABC and a user feels that he/she will miss this program they will often state “I’ll watch in on iView ”.

This is because the ABC invested early in the iView platform which enables users to watch almost anything shown on the ABC. Its a system available online, iphone, ipad, Android, Xbox, WD TV etc and it just works and works well.

In contrast the commercial channels have also finally offered catch up services but have done little to make it known that they exist.

If users are faced with the desire to watch two programs that happen to on at the same time on competing commercial networks they will often look at ways to watch one and record the other (for later viewing) either using a PVR or Foxtel IQ. In fact its already known that many opt for Foxtel because of the sports content but it would be interesting to ascertain how many opt for Foxtel for the IQ function, that is, the ability to record.

Many don’t consider the commercial catch up services because its just not widespread enough that they exist or that they offer the service without asking for anything in return, like subscription fees or membership.


Forget the NBN – movies streamed almost instantly over the net are here already and a swarm of new entrants are putting a strain on traditional players like DVD stores.

A report released this week by Credit Suisse found that while not yet mainstream in Australia, “IPTV is here” and would continue to drive the take-up of internet video over the next few years.

The newest player in the IPTV market is Quickflix, which has long offered mail order DVD rentals but recently began unlimited online streaming services via PCs, Macs, internet-enabled TVs and the PlayStation 3.

We knew it was coming, but until now we didn’t know when. Over the Christmas break, Channel Ten finally released their iPhone app to the general public.

The app, which went live on January 3 but was promised late last year, boasts features including an in-app television guide and the ability to receive push notifications for upcoming programs.

From the iTunes app description:

The new TEN iPhone app offers you a full free-to-air and subscription TV Guide where you can set reminders for your favourite TV shows. The app features Twitter and Facebook integration and you can also watch full episodes of TEN TV shows!

View pics, download wallpapers and find out all about your favourite cast members as well as watching exclusive behind the scenes video.

The application currently has a five star rating by users who’ve downloaded the app. Of note is the ability to watch “full episodes” feature of the app – we could only get 5 to play, and they’re specially edited for the iPhone.

If you’re keen to get your hands on the Channel Ten iPhone app, it’s free in the App Store right now.