Analysts are expecting a frenzy of merger and acquisitions activity in the media sector this year if the media ownership rules are relaxed or rescinded. The Abbott government has made it clear that it wants to scrap the cross-media ownership restrictions, arguing that the restrictions are archaic in the internet age.

The share prices of traditional media companies have been hit hard as they battle falling print and television advertising. If the rules are scrapped, it is likely that the regional television operators and perhaps APN News & Media, the Australasian newspaper publisher and radio licences holder, would be the first to go.

Forget the NBN movies streamed almost instantly over the net are here already and a swarm of new entrants are putting a strain on traditional players like DVD stores.

A report released this week by Credit Suisse found that while not yet mainstream in Australia, “IPTV is here” and would continue to drive the take-up of internet video over the next few years.

The newest player in the IPTV market is Quickflix, which has long offered mail order DVD rentals but recently began unlimited online streaming services via PCs, Macs, internet-enabled TVs and the PlayStation 3.

The AFR required the management of its implementation of a digital pay-wall enabling it to manage subscriptions and enable broader access to its content by users of mobile devices.

We provided the Program Management expertise to implement Methode and integrate it with Think Subscriptions.

The result has been a 53% increase in the number of subscribers over the past twelve months. Source

Think and Methode integration by Khan