Last February, in an interview with the technology blog TechCrunch, a senior Google executive expressed a rather philosophical even postmodernist view on the future of maps.

"If you look at a map and if I look at a map, should it always be the same for you and me? I’m not sure about that, because I go to different places than you do," said Daniel Graf, director of Google Maps for mobile.

By mid-May, as Google announced the upcoming release of the new version of its flagship map service, it became clear that Graf wasn’t joking.

Ben Grubb
Published: May 16, 2013 – 2:06PM

Lee Gaywood, 31, of Chelsea Heights in Victoria, contacted Fairfax Media about the information being freely accessible to anyone online after conducting a specific Google search that turned up Telstra spreadsheets.The personal information of thousands of Telstra customers has been found online using a Google search.