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Microscope Adaptor

Microscope Adaptor Microscope Adaptor

Canon digital SLR or SLR camera C-mount lens adapter to be used with both medical, compound, inverted and stereo microscopes!

Our outstanding microscope adapter has Wide Field achromatic coated lens which allows you to fully utilize your Canon DSLR and/or SLR cameras for microphotography. It is designed such that you can achieve perfect image using any type of Canon DSLR and/or SLR cameras,without any additional accessories!

  • Directly fit any Canon DSLR/SLR cameras 2X Wide Field Design (similar to 10X eyepiece)
  • Fit any C-mount phototubes, 23, 30 mm eyepiece tubes
  • Economical solution to take image from ocular tube of the microscopes

This adapter kit includes:

  1. Canon DSLR microscope lens adapter for 23 mm ocular tube microscope,
  2. Canon DSLR/SLR T-mount adapter,
  3. C-mount adapter sleeve for stereoscopes. They can adapt the Canon DSLR digital camera to both the standard C-mount trinocular phototube.

42X0.75 mm thread (top) on Canon DSLR adapter
T-mount adapter for Canon DSLR SLR cameras
23.2 mm diameter (bottom), fitting compound, biological, medical, inverted microscope ocular tubing
30 mm adapter sleeve for stereomicroscope
Widefield X2 lens (equivalent to 10X eyepiece)
DIN standard

Package contains:

  1. T-mount thread Canon DSLR lens adapter
  2. T-mount adapter for Canon DSLR adapter
  3. 23/30 mm lens adapter


How to use the adapter:

  1. Connect the lens adapter to Canon DSLR cameras
  2. Place the lens adapter into the compound microscope ocular tube.
  3. Adjust microscope to focus on the objective to the sharpest on LCD of the camera. Make sure the illumination under the microscope is bright enough.
  4. Set the camera to “Manual Mode”
  5. Press Focus on the camera and take an image.
  6.  For stereomicroscope, place 30 mm adapter sleeve over 23 mm adapter, and insert the assembly into 30 mm ocular tube.