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We have spent the last month examining the feasibility of streaming live events around the world both free of charge and pay per view (PPV).

In theory it sounds straight forward – camera, internet connection and that’s it.

While true, we looked at the use of three broadcast quality cameras all wirelessly trasmitting video back to a control desk. The desk would output a feed, our server would capture the feed and upload the content to our streaming partner’s platform.

The stream would then be be re-broadcast around the world.

Users would access the telecast via embedded players on a single or multiple websites.

We now know, in great detail, the effort and costs associated with:

  • Filming the event
  • Capturing the event
  • Uploading the event (bandwidth is very important)
  • Streaming
  • Monetisation

Theoretically when the NBN is rolled out in Australia the costs of such projects will reduce significantly.

As a guide currently 1GB of wholesale bandwidth in Australia costs about $1.

The same wholesale 1Gb of bandwidth in the United States costs about $0.01 or $0.02 cents.

Bring on the NBN.

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