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In recent time we’ve been working on improving a festival operator’s ability to manage upcoming events.

We’ve looked at historic data collection and translating that into meaningful information for marketing of upcoming events  This is something along the lines of…crate a list of customer that like Jazz at Venue X and live within 10kms.

Creation of this list allows us to then email/SMS this customer with a proposition for an upcoming Jazz themed show.

We also addressed the need to better manage artists/performers/speakers. Many solution manage attendance information but this information is focused on attendees, that is, those planing to come and see the artist.  Curators and organisers need to be better able to manage the needs of artists. These artists may have technical needs, marketing collateral of their own, reviews etc that, if stored in the same repository can make life much easier for organisers.

The platform allows organisers to use the service as a communication hub to manage all interactions with artists and their respective managers and publicists.

More to come.

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