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comScore has determined that the iPad now accounts for more US internet traffic than the iPhone for the first time. 46.8 percent of iOS device traffic now comes from iPads, while 42.6 percent comes from iPhones.

Want a more impressive figure? How about this: the iPad accounts for 97.2 percent of US-based internet traffic via tablet devices. All of its competitors account for the remaining 2.8 percent. Either this means the iPad is outselling Android and other tablets by a wide margin (something we already know is true), or else owners of competing devices just aren’t using them to browse the web all that much. Or both. Either way, it doesn’t paint the rosy picture of “Android ascendant” that we keep hearing.

In fact, when you take off the smartphone blinders and look at all iOS devices versus all Android devices, Apple’s position in the market looks far less “precarious” than various reports might lead you to believe. iOS devices account for 43.1 percent of the US installed base for mobile devices, with Android accounting for only 34.1 percent. The gap is even wider when you look at how much people actually use their mobile devices; iOS accounts for 58.5 percent of mobile traffic compared to 31.9 percent for Android.

Android — that is, all Android smartphones across all manufacturers — may be “winning” compared to Apple’s substantially smaller range of devices when looking at market share alone. By just about every other metric that matters (most of which matter far more than device market share), results like this comScore study prove Apple is in no danger whatsoever of “losing” to Android.


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